Our core purpose is to advance learning, knowledge and research worldwide.

How we fulfil this is evolving as we engage with researchers, students and teachers digitally to help solve their problems. Increasingly we fulfil our purpose by helping unlock their potential with the best learning and research solutions.

A ‘thank you’ to carers
and key workers

The Press and Cambridge Assessment buildings in Cambridge were lit up blue to pay tribute to carers and key workers.

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We are part of the University of Cambridge

We work closely with other University departments, such as the research and teaching departments and Cambridge Assessment, to advance knowledge, learning and research.

Cambridge University Press is the oldest media business in the world and the oldest university press. We were founded through ‘Letters Patent’, similar to a Royal Charter, granted to the University by Henry VIII in 1534.




of colleagues
outside the UK


offices around
the world


Gender pay gap decreased
from 18% in 2018-19



Since 1698, the Press has been governed by the Press ‘Syndics’ (originally known as the Curators), 18 senior members of the University of Cambridge who, along with other non-executive directors, bring a range of subject and business expertise to the governance of the Press. Committees of the Syndicate meet regularly to look at publishing proposals, ensuring that the content being published meets rigorous academic standards, and to oversee the strategic and financial operations of the Press.

The Syndicate has a Press & Assessment Board, Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nominations Committee (all shared with Cambridge Assessment); an Academic Publishing Committee and an English Language Teaching & Education Publishing Committee. The publishing committees provide quality assurance and formal approval for the titles published, meeting regularly to review editorial and publishing strategy matters. The Press & Assessment Board is concerned with overall governance and meets on a monthly basis. Responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Press is delegated by the Syndicate to the Press’s Chief Executive Officer and the Press Board.

The Press Board

The Press Board is made up of the heads of the principal areas of our business:


Peter Phillips

Chief Executive


Cathy Armor

Director for People


Andrew Chandler

Chief Financial Officer


Paul Colbert

Managing Director, ELT


Mandy Hill

Managing Director, Academic Publishing


Mark Maddocks

Chief Information Officer


Catie Sheret

General Counsel


Rod Smith

Managing Director, Education


Kevin Taylor

Director of Syndicate Affairs


Mark Whitehouse

Global Director of Operations